5 people dead, 3 are children. Flooding everywhere, crazy fucking wind. I dont like being in ny right now

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I miss sex. This is no bueno. 

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Isn’t it crazy, how quickly someone can forget about you?

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can you guys tell I’m excited for halloween ? <3

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goodnight &lt;3

I miss the pretty outfits, the nerves before walking, the spotlight, the rush of confidence, i miss the runway…. :[

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Lets have a nick and nora kind of night…

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such an epic night with the family &lt;3

Yankee’s game tommorow with the family, pretty excited about that. Today was a good day! Going to start heading to the gym on Wednesday with my math buddy :D NOW all i have to do is study for my psych test

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after workkk

My psychology class will be the end of me…

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she&#8217;s so thug life

why start something you cant finish? smh. coward.

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10 year old dating

  • me: she likes you
  • little bro: no she hates me
  • me: no she likes you
  • little bro: no
  • me: what if she does?
  • little bro: ill throw up
  • me: why? she's pretty
  • little bro: Because i don't want to be with girls right now. i have to get over my break up
  • me: ... but you're only 10 LMAO

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